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3com combo xl Driver

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3com combo xl Driver

Please refer to the documentation of your 3com combo xl distribution to know how to setup the bridge. Running as non root will return an error. Without -t, this is done only if stderr is a tty.

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As stated previously, most commands take domain-id as the first parameter. This command is only available for HVM domains. If configfile is missing XL creates the domain starting from the default value for every option. Create will return as soon as the 3com combo xl is started. This does not mean the guest OS in the domain has actually booted, or is available for input.


If the 3com combo xl option is specified, create will start the domain and not return until its death. This is useful for determining issues with crashing domains and just as a general convenience since you often want to watch the domain boot.

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Many config options require characters such as quotes or brackets 3com combo xl are interpreted by the shell and often discarded before being passed to xl, resulting in xl being unable to parse the value correctly. A simple work-around is to put all extra options within a single set of quotes, separated by semicolons.

See below for an example. This has no immediate effect but will be applied when the guest is 3com combo xl restarted. This command is useful to ensure that runtime modifications made to the guest will be preserved when the guest is restarted.

3Com 3c509

Since Xen 4. Therefore it should not 3com combo xl be necessary to use this command any more. If you've set up your domains to have a traditional log in console this will look much like a normal text log in screen. Console numbers start from 0. This doesn't give the domain OS any chance to react, and is the equivalent of ripping the power cord out on a physical machine.

In most cases you will want to use the shutdown command instead. Because domain cannot destroy itself, this is only possible when using a disaggregated toolstack, and is most useful when using a hardware domain separated from domain 0.

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The dump file will be written to a distribution specific directory for dump files. Such as: The --long option prints out the complete set of xl subcommands, grouped by function. If no domains are specified it prints out information about all domains. 3com combo xl the numeric domain id. Mem is the desired amount of memory to allocate to 3com combo xl domain although it may not be the currently allocated amount.

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State is the run state see below. Time is the total run time of the domain as accounted for by Xen. This can be caused because the domain is waiting on IO a traditional wait state or has gone to sleep because there was nothing else 3com combo xl it to do. When in a paused state the domain will still consume allocated 3com combo xl like memory, but will not be eligible for scheduling by the Xen hypervisor.

Usually this state can 3com combo xl occur if the domain has been configured not to restart on crash. See xl. Virtual IO network and block devices used by domains requires coordination by Domain0, 3com combo xl means that Domain0 is actually charged for much of the time that 3com combo xl DomainU is doing IO. Use of this time value to determine relative utilizations by domains is thus very suspect, as a high IO workload may show as less utilized than a high CPU workload.

Consider yourself warned. The mem-max value may not correspond to the actual memory used in the domain, as it may balloon down its memory to give more back to the OS.


Because this operation requires cooperation from the domain operating system, there is no guarantee that it will succeed. 3com combo xl command will definitely not work unless the domain has the required paravirt driver.


There is no good way to know in advance how small of a mem-set will make a domain unstable and cause it to crash. Be very 3com combo xl when using this command on running domains. By default xl relies on ssh as a transport mechanism between the two hosts. String will be passed to sh.

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