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Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio Driver

The Ferrari pushes the boundaries of thin and light—it's inches small optical mouse (in matching red), and startup sound—a Ferrari. Generic Company Place Holder Acer Ferrari LMi Notebook but the LMi's audio lacks horsepower: Sound was weak and flat. This page contains the driver installation download for Multimedia Audio Controller in supported models (Ferrari ) that are running a supported operating.


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Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio Driver

This is an updated version of this document. Consequently, if you are heading for FC4 or FC5 you probably want to have a look at the previous version of this document.

While some details may be specific for Fedora, most stuff should translate to other distributions as well. I've got all of the hardware working. Although, somethings need some extra tweaks. A summary may be found in the table below.

Partition the hard drive as desired and install the components that you like. However, some packages will make life easier when configuring your new laptop. These are mentioned in the corresponding sections below and may be installed Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio.

Fedora Core 5 installation and later runs without any problems, while Fedora Core 4 should be started with:. This tells the installation to disable the frame buffer so you may use the graphical mode of the installer. Otherwise you will loose Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio display shortly after the installation enters graphical mode.

This only applies to FC4 and earlier. However, depending on your hardware you might notice a strange disk size during the installation of F8.


If you see a disk size less than expected you should pass the kernel option libata. When the laptop was released MB drives was the latest of the greatest and MB drives were off the shelf goods in most stores.

Acer Ferrari 15" SXGA LCD Screen for sale online eBay

However, a smaller drive would have been ok at a higher speed, at least rpm. What a difference! The higher speed, as well as the higher storage density, pays off in far Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio performance. Operating temperature is the same as for the original drive. A highly recommended upgrade!

Depending on the hardware you might notice a strange disk size of your new drive. For me it works just as smooth as the USB support. If you are running kernel version Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio. A new alternative driver stack for Firewire support a. In Fedoras kernel configuration 2.

Acer Ferrari LMi PCWorld

The rest of this section deals with the old Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio stack, i. For the most recent information please refer to http: However, on systems with kernel version 2. First a short description of the potential problems. There are no problems regarding loading modules or mounting an external IEEE drive, and if you are patient you managed to browse the content as well. The problems starts when you try to transfer larger amounts of data.

The process stalls and chokes up the system log with messages like:. Write Test Unit Ready: Generating sbp2 fetch agent reset redneck kernel: Seems to me like a hole bunch of timeouts with corresponding bus resets.

Superb Choice® 90W ACER Ferrari 3000 Laptop AC Adapter

These suspicions got even stronger after timing a read data transfer:. Waiting for what?


I do not know, but obviously some bits and pieces Acer Ferrari 3000 Audio during the transfer. Furthermore, I do not feel comfortable with the data integrity when I see these kind of results. After some digging in the kernel documentation and a quick look in the sbp2. It turned out really well, so here are some tips regarding the IEEE configuration.

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  • This page has been replaced
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