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Acer Peppy Driver

De-Chroming is the process of taking a Chromebook laptop, in this case the Acer c, and replacing the Chrome operating system with a. Acer C(P) (Peppy). developer_modeDeveloper Mode & Flash Firmware. Turn off your device, open the back and remove the Write Protect Screw. Press Esc. This page contains information about the Acer C Chromebook and Acer CP The board name for the Acer C is "peppy". Build an.


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Acer Peppy Driver

To enter Dev-mode you first invoke Recovery, and at the Recovery screen press Ctrl-D there's no prompt - you have to know to do Acer Peppy.

It will ask you to confirm, then reboot into dev-mode. Dev-mode works the same as always: It will show the scary boot screen and you need to press Ctrl-D Acer Peppy wait 30 seconds to continue booting. Once you are in Dev-mode and have a root shell, Acer Peppy can run: Like USB boot, support for this is disabled by default.

You need to get into Dev-mode Acer Peppy and then run: Leaving To leave Dev-mode and go back to normal mode, just follow the instructions at the scary boot screen. It will prompt you to confirm.


There's no way to enter Dev-mode programmatically, and just seeing the Recovery Acer Peppy isn't enough - you have to use the three-finger salute which hard-resets the machine first. That's to prevent a remote Acer Peppy from tricking your machine into dev-mode without your knowledge.

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If you do get into such a situation: The board name for the Acer C is Acer Peppy. To boot your image you will first need to enable booting developer signed images from USB or SD card. If all goes well you should see a "Chromium OS" logo screen. Acer Peppy


Use a recovery image if you want to get back Acer Peppy a stock Chrome OS build. Activate developer mode note: Wait as it reboots and switches to developer mode, then shut down the machine.

Acer Chromebook (C - Peppy) Device Lab Decade City

Remove write-protect screw as shown in: Reboot Acer Peppy re-log in as guest. Run this command, which will download a script.

Once that has completed successfully and Acer Peppy errors, reboot. Now you can install Debian or your free software distribution of choice. If you received errors, do not reboot and seek help from the coreboot on chromebooks community.

Installing free software Once you have replaced the default BIOS you will be able to boot from a USB device and install whatever version of a free software operating system you have handy. Everything on the c except for the bluetooth is supported with free software drivers Acer Peppy installation should be straightforward, though you Acer Peppy need to install the most recent kernel Acer Peppy your distribution to enable support for the trackpad.

I am happy to report that that works perfectly well here whether you are installing to the internal drive or to an external USB thumb drive or SD card.

That is important since, for most people, the only thing to consider when De-Chroming one of these laptops is what to do with the hard drive. What to do with the hard drive To keep costs down, Chromebooks are sold with hard drives that may be too small for most people to comfortably use as their only storage, generally 16 or 32 gigabytes. Those of us De-Chroming the laptops have Acer Peppy few general options for how to deal with this potential Acer Peppy Use as is 16 GB is plenty of space for a Debian install, even using some for swap.

This is especially true if you Acer Peppy to have your home partition on a separate thumb drive or SD card. This is also the cheapest and most straightforward option so, if cost is a factor or you just want to test out different versions of linux on the laptop, you should Acer Peppy plenty of space and can always expand it later.


Just make sure the disk you buy is compatible with the c laptop since there are a number of different format options available.

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