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Acer Aspire 8951G Driver

What can I do if I am unable to connect via WiFi after What can I do if I am unable to connect via WiFi after completing an Acer Android tablet system update? View and Download Acer Aspire G service manual online. Aspire G Laptop pdf manual download. The Acer Aspire Ethos G pairs strong multimedia playback with a unique removable touchpad that works as a remote.


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Acer Aspire 8951G Driver

A mode-change button sits in the upper-right corner of the touchpad.

Acer Aspire Ethos G Review

In default mode, the pad remains unlit and you can use the entire surface to navigate around the desktop, tapping to left-click. Click the mode-change button once, and video and music icons light up on the right side of the pad, along with a media mode changing button and a menu Acer Aspire 8951G.

Tapping on the video or music icons launches the corresponding section of Acer's Clear. Hit the button again, and the left Acer Aspire 8951G of the touchpad surface light up with media controls for pausing, playing, and forwarding through your videos, songs, and pictures. The player controls work in both Clear.


If all of this sounds confusing, that's because it is. It took us a while to get the hang of the layout.

In our tests, the media remote was responsive at Acer Aspire 8951G to 5 feet from the notebook, but it became extremely jerky and then stopped working as we stepped back another couple of feet. After we stepped out of range and then back in, the pad sometimes became miscalibrated, so swiping side to side would move the cursor up and down.


However, putting the device back into its bay always fixed the problem. The size of the Windows pointer presents a more serious problem, because it can be difficult to see the small white tip of the pointer when you're standing a couple of feet away from the high-res screen. Acer Aspire 8951G

Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G-2634G1TBnkk

Unfortunately, when docked or used as a remote, the Acer Aspire 8951G feels slippery; our finger sometimes slid around while we were navigating. Even worse, we found that the pointer often got stuck in the middle of the screen, forcing us to pick up our finger and swipe again. After we played video at full screen for 15 minutes, the touchpad measured a cool 87 degrees, the keyboard a reasonable 89 degrees, and the bottom a chilly 84 degrees Acer Aspire 8951G.

We consider temperatures below 90 degrees extremely comfortable. However, viewing angles leave much to be desired, as movies washed out significantly at just 45 degrees to the Acer Aspire 8951G or right.

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Whether we were watching a p QuickTime Acer Aspire 8951G for Apollo 18 Acer Aspire 8951G a YouTube p trailer for Mission Impossible 4, motion was smooth and images were relatively sharp. However, colors in dark scenes inverted as we moved left or right, which is not conducive to multiuser viewing. The Dolby-tuned speakers on the Ethos G provided accurate music playback that was loud enough to fill a room. When playing both the bass-laden "Forget Me Nots" and the guitar-heavy "Shout at the Acer Aspire 8951G we were able to make out some separation of sound for bass and treble, though the playback was not rich and layered like it is on Dell's XPS line of notebooks.

Review Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G Notebook

Toggling the Dolby Home Theater software on and off made little difference in the sound quality. Ports and Webcam The Aspire Ethos G takes advantage of its size by popping a plethora of ports onto its Acer Aspire 8951G chassis.

On the left side are three USB 2. The front lip holds a memory card reader. The 1.

Speaking on Acer Aspire 8951G in our dimly lit living room, we noticed fine details on our face, including our skin tone. With the overhead sunlight in our office, Acer Aspire 8951G were brighter. On PCMarkVantage, a synthetic benchmark used to measure overall system prowess, the Aspire Ethos scored 7,just above the 7, category average.


This notebook has the same CPU but sports both an SSD and a 7,rpm hard drive instead of a single 5,rpm hard drive. The Aspire Ethos G's mediocre GB 5,rpm hard drive is the probably the main reason this Acer Aspire 8951G is slower than many of its competitors.

The Ethos G took a modest 55 seconds to boot Windows 7 Ultimate. It can be removed and used as a remote control.


The steep price for the notebook: Acer announced new models of the Acer Aspire Ethos range in Acer Aspire 8951G. The model Acer Aspire Ethos G is available in the most various alternatives in the meantime. The predecessor of the previously reviewed Acer Aspire Ethos G belongs to the heavyweight category with just under four kilos. Acer's The combination of the quad core processor, Acer Aspire 8951G on the Sandy Bridge architecture with a base clock of 2 GHz, and the fast midrange graphics card are to supply multimedia and game fans with the needed power.

Our test device, called GWnkk LX.

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