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Adata S701 Driver

1, Select brand, 2, Select model, 3, Get spare part. Select Brand, ADATA, 2Wire, 3Com, 3M, 3P Pacific Power, 3Y Power, 5ESP, A+K, AAVID, Abit, Ablecom. A-Data introduces the S USB flash drive and SDHC memory card Eee PC special edition. For those who recently purchased an Asus Eee. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A-DATA Sport Series S Eee PC Edition 8 GB USB Flash Drive ASGRWH (White) at


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Adata S701 Driver

Veel details over de '7cx' zijn niet onthuld, maar in ieder geval zullen deze 'always connected pc's' waarschijnlijk tussen de en USD gaan k Adata S701 meer Nieuws - donderdag - Het gaat om de Nokia 2.

Aan de bovenkant is een notch Lees meer Toon meer items. Thursday, January 31, Introduction Adata S701 it comes to moving and storing data the Adata S701 has a variety of options from old school floppy disks to recordable optical disks, however the most common device in recent years is the USB flash drive.

This little device is nothing more than a flash memory chip with a Adata S701 interface and its popularity comes from the ease of use, price, speed, and storage capacity. The drive is part of their Sport Series line designed to be tough and handle a fair amount of abuse. When the Adata S701 of erased physical blocks in the high density memory unit 1 available for data storage becomes less than a prescribed value, wherein the prescribed value being the number redundant blocks in one embodiment, Adata S701 the microprocessor starts a block recycle procedure; that is, all valid data in the physical blocks e.

PBA0, PBA1 having linkage Adata S701 will be collected and stored in another erased physical block, and the data in such physical blocks originally having linkage connections will be erased for writing other data. In addition to Adata S701 above-illustrated condition, the system may also perform the block recycle procedure in case all data recorded in any one of the physical blocks become entirely invalid, thereby erasing Adata S701 physical blocks for later data write operations.

Finally, refer to FIG.


Relevant system architecture may be conjunctively referred to FIG. Through the aforementioned embodiments, it can be appreciated that the memory storage device Adata S701 the control method thereof according to the present invention adjusts the threshold for identifying hot data based on the analysis of data length and consistent detection over write data, further recording hot data in the LSB pages of the high density memory, while non hot data is allocated to LSB pages and MSB pages in a common approach Adata S701 writing data to the high density memory, thereby fully exploiting the feature that characteristics of data programming in the LSB page is similar to the ones for the low density memory, thus enabling effective improvement on write speed of Adata S701 density memory, and further increasing operation performance and life span of the memory devices.

The illustrations set forth Adata S701 simply provide the detailed descriptions and drawings of the present invention, rather then being intended to restrict the present invention thereto.


The scope of the present invention should be based on the following claims, Adata S701 all changes, modifications, and alternations that any skilled ones in the art may conveniently consider Adata S701 the field of the present invention are deemed to be encompassed within the definition of the present invention delineated by the following claims. Claims 18 1.

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A control method of a memory storage device for Adata S701 at least one write data to the memory storage device, wherein Adata S701 memory storage device has a high density memory unit, having a plurality of first type of pages and a plurality of second type of pages, with writing the write data to the second Adata S701 of pages takes a shorter period of time than the writing the write data to the first type of pages, the control method comprising: The control method according to claim 1when the data length of the write data is shorter than the threshold, further comprising labeling the write data as a hot data and allocating the write Adata S701 to the second type of page; otherwise labeling the write data as an non hot data and allocating the write data to the first type of page and second type of page.

The control method according to claim 2further comprising performing Adata S701 recycle procedure.

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The control method according to claim 3wherein the high density memory unit defines a continuous plurality of physical blocks, and each physical block has the plural first type of pages and the plural second type of pages. The control method according to claim 4wherein the write data is sequentially allocated to the second type of page. The control method according to claim 4wherein when a first Adata S701 block for an allocation of the write data is full, further comprising using a second physical block that has been erased for the allocation of the write data, while the second physical block is a sub-block Adata S701 the first physical block with an linkage connection existing between the first physical block and Adata S701 second physical block.


The control method according to claim 6wherein the recycle procedure comprises the following step: The control method according to claim 7further comprising the following steps: To Buyer If Adata S701 are not finding Correct Supplier. Don't Worry.

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