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AOpen EW945-P Driver

You should make your own investigation into the Underlyings and the Reference Share Issuers. In connection with the offering of the securities, neither we nor our affiliates have participated in the AOpen EW945-P of any publicly available documents or made any due diligence inquiry with respect to the Reference Share Issuers.


We or our affiliates may also trade in the Underlyings or instruments related to the Underlyings from time to time. Any of AOpen EW945-P hedging or trading activities as of the Trade Date and during the term of the securities could adversely affect our payment to you at maturity.


The Price to Public of the securities includes any discounts or commissions as well as transaction costs such as expenses incurred to create, document and market the securities and the cost of hedging our risks as issuer of the securities through one or more of our affiliates which includes a projected profit. These costs will be effectively borne by you as an investor in the securities.

These amounts will be retained by Credit Suisse or our affiliates in connection with our structuring AOpen EW945-P offering of the AOpen EW945-P except to the AOpen EW945-P discounts or commissions are reallowed to other broker-dealers or any costs are paid to third parties. These include a fixed income component valued using our internal funding rate, and individual option components valued using mid-market pricing.

Final Term Sheet No.

AOpen EW945-P As such, the payout on the securities can be replicated using a combination of these components and the value of these components, as determined by us using our pricing models, will impact the terms of the securities at issuance. Our option valuation models are proprietary. Our pricing models take into account factors such as interest rates, volatility and time AOpen EW945-P maturity of the securities, and they rely in part on certain assumptions AOpen EW945-P future events, which may prove to be incorrect.

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If on the Trade Date our internal funding rate is lower than AOpen EW945-P secondary market credit spreads, we expect that the economic terms of the securities will generally be less favorable to you than they would have been if our secondary market credit spread had been used in structuring the securities. We will also use our internal AOpen EW945-P rate to determine the price of the securities if we post a bid to repurchase your AOpen EW945-P in secondary market transactions.

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The estimated value of the securities on the cover of this pricing supplement does not represent a minimum price at which we would be willing to buy the securities in the secondary market if any exists at any time. The secondary market price of your AOpen EW945-P at any time cannot be predicted and will reflect the then-current estimated value determined by reference to our pricing models and other factors. AOpen EW945-P other factors include our internal funding rate, customary bid and ask spreads and other transaction costs, changes in market conditions and any deterioration or improvement in our creditworthiness.

In circumstances where our internal funding rate is lower than our secondary market credit spreads, our AOpen EW945-P market bid for your securities could be more favorable than what other dealers AOpen EW945-P bid because, assuming all else equal, we use the lower internal funding rate to price the securities and other dealers might use the higher secondary market credit spread to price them. Furthermore, assuming no change AOpen EW945-P market conditions from the Trade Date, the secondary market price of your securities will be lower than the Price to Public because AOpen EW945-P will not include any discounts or commissions and hedging and other transaction costs.


If you sell your securities to a dealer in a secondary market transaction, the dealer may impose an additional discount or commission, and as a result the price you AOpen EW945-P on your securities may be lower than the price at which we may repurchase the securities AOpen EW945-P such dealer. We or an affiliate may initially post a bid to repurchase the securities from you at a price that will exceed the then-current estimated value of the securities.

That higher price reflects our projected profit and costs that were included in AOpen EW945-P Price to Public, and that higher price may also be initially AOpen EW945-P for account statements or otherwise. However, during the periods between each rebalancing, the weight of each market sector comprising the MLCXER Index will vary based on the performance of the underlying commodities and contracts within that market sector. The energy sector currently accounts for approximately Technological advances or the discovery of new oil reserves could lead to increases in worldwide production of oil and corresponding decreases in the price of crude oil.

In AOpen EW945-P, further development and commercial exploitation of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, or geothermal energy, could reduce the demand for crude oil products and result in lower prices. Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc.

AOpen EW945-P Historical Photos - Various photographs from the archives in the Gennadius Library documenting moments of Greek history, from the late AOpen EW945-P to the early 20th century. Photos are collected from the Dragoumis family, the papers of Athanasios Souliotis, Nikolaos Mavris and others, as well as from the papers of author Stratis Myrivilis who fought in the Balkan Wars and the Greek-Turkish War

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