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Asante ESBE Driver


I am particularly pleased that Eileen McClelland undertook to do the drawings. My gratefuJ thanks go to Debbie Phillippo Asante ESBE 80 Asante ESBE producing a clear manuscript from the untidy and not always very legible drafts and also to Caty Blacktop and Muriel Wood. The author and publishers would like to thank the following for pennission to reproduce copyright material: A knowledge of Swahili will enable you to make yourself understood throughout much of east and central Africa.

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  • Swahili (Teach Yourself)

Swahili is a language that developed and spread through the trading links that the Asante ESBE towns had with the interior of Africa and with the lands around the lndian Asante ESBE. Until the early Asante ESBE of the nineteenth century its use was largely confined to the people of the coastal and island towns, s tretching from what is now the Somali Republic southwards to Mozambique. The expansion of the trade-routes between the island of Zanzibar, the coast and the interior Asante ESBE an impetus to the use of Swahili as a means of communication between people at trading-places who did not share the same 'home language'.

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Most of the major trade-routes went through modern Tanzania. It is in Tanzania that the use of Swahili is the most widespread. Even in remole areas Asante ESBE from towns, where people have litlle need to use a language other than their home language, there are likely to be at least some people who know Swahili. For many Tanzanians, Swahili, Asante ESBE if not the first language acquired in childhood, is now the language they use most Asante ESBE the working day.

It is the country's national language, and is used in government administration, in schools and in the media.

SWAHILI Pre-twentieth-century links between the coast of Kenya and the interior were much less extensive than those further south and so the use of Swahili did not spread inland to the extent it did in Tanzania. However, Asante ESBE along the Kenya coast and islands, in the inland towns and wherever there is a mixed population of speakers of different languages, Swahili is in Asante ESBE.

As in Tanzania, Swahili is a national language, and is used in Asante ESBE and the media.

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Uganda's history and geographical position has not favoured the use of a 'standard' east coast form of Swahili. There was no Asante ESBE Swahili-speaking community from whom the use of the language might have spread.

Nevertheless, it is used in KampaJa and some of the larger towns. In these three oountries Swahili shares its Asante ESBE as lingua ranca auxiliary language with English in certain domains of use - in the tourist trade, for example.

Further west it is French that fulfils this function. Swahili is understood by some Asante ESBE in Rwanda and Burundi, particularly those living near the borders with Tanzania. It is spoken extensively in the eastern half of Zaire and is officially recognised as one of the oountry's four nationaJ - effectively regional - languages. Zairean Asante ESBE differs in some respects from east coast 'standard' but it is reeognisably Swahili, and it is better to know some Tanzanian!

On the margins of the Swahili-speaking area, and this includes the border areas of northern Malawi and Zambia as well as the southern Somali coast and the northern Asante ESBE of the Mozambique coast, you Asante ESBE not expect everyone to know Swahili. In some places it may only be a small proportion of the men in the population who have a working knowledge of it.

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You should also not be surprised to hear something which at ftrst sounds as if it might be Swahili but turns out to Asante ESBE the local language, which has absorbed words from Swahili. Since millions of people who use Swahili in east and central Africa have acquired it as a second or third language, people are very relaxed about talking to someone who speaks it rather differently from the way they do. An unfamiliar way of speaking is a Asante ESBE of interest rather than the subject of criticism.

People will be pleased that you are learning Swahili, whether it is their own language or one that they have just picked up or learnt at school. The Asante ESBE thing is to want to talk to people! How to use this course The course is divided into two parts. Units form Part One, a basic survival package for people who do not have time to work through the whole Asante ESBE hut would like to get some idea of bow the language works, and want something more than a phrase book.


Each unit starts with 8 dialogue: These dialogues, called Mazungumzo Asante ESBE at t he heart of each unit and introduce the new words and grammatical structures in the context of an everyday situation. This list of new vocabulary is marked!

Swahili (Teach Yourself) - PDF Free Download

I- Next Asante ESBE a section of background information to help you put the diaJogue into tne context of life in eastern Africa. This is called Maarila yenye manwaa, or worth knowing. The next section, Maelezo. The terms are introduced, with English examples. The Asante ESBE section of each unit is Majaribio exercisesmarked These provide a range of activities which will help you to check your understanding of tne dialogue and your ability to use t he new words and structures.

You will rmd the answers in the Key to the Exercises following the Appendix.


The Appendix contains summaries Asante ESBE the grammatical information taught in the course. At the end of the book there are Swahili-EngLish and EnglishSwahili vocabulary lists containing words taught in tbe course. How to use the Asante ESBE with the cassette You will flnd it helpful to do some listening before you start working through the course. If you are using the cassette you should listen to the pronunciation of the sounds and words.

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