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BenQ DVP 1650S Driver

BenQ CRW P/W Black · BenQ CRW P/W White · BenQ CRW W Black · BenQ CRW W White BenQ DVP S Black · BenQ DVP S. Recently i buy a BENQ DVPA -but it has performed very bad in DAE (nero cdspeed). In the test the curve start in 21x and when its is near to 32x, slow. BenQ index of parts for sale at TamayaTech 99B0MF1 · OEM BENQ BENQ DVP S - DVD-ROM-LAUFWERK - INTERN - DVD-ROM.


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BenQ DVP 1650S Driver

Pegasos II Xilence G4 - GGS-Data !

Then reading towards the bottom of that thread, it gave the location of a patch utility to check your firmware. I downloaded the new firmware and then checked both of them. It seems the only difference is that you can also patch for the additional 12X speed, whereas BenQ DVP 1650S the Dell Firmware, you can't.

Is there a way you can setup an affiliate store at Newegg with blank discs and your preferred drives? I would love to go to a store BenQ DVP 1650S just buy what is preferred, the best writer and discs, than have to make any choices. As for this burner, I checked, it has the latest firmware.

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It can burn to that media although the complete readout does not show like yours did. I then tried to write a DVD9, and it almost seems like it wont write at all. Here are the logs, with the top bits cut off.

The only difference really is that I put the first one at MAX and the second one at 6x write speed. I think this is the media being BenQ DVP 1650S, correct?

Ok, this is my last post and then I need to get some sleep. Its 4am!

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I updated the firmware to LL0D. Then I extracted it with that tool to create a. Then I read BenQ DVP 1650S. So, I tried to write to one and it wouldn't recognize it.


It just said 'no reference location' or something like that. I definitely need to get some different media I think.


Will this stuff burn in anything? Another question, should I "patch" all of my DVD drives with these available options? I haven't changed any of the settings so far, but am willing to try I guess. Now, with this new knowledge I'm going to try to BenQ DVP 1650S flash my Samsung, then I'm going to open that patcher utility and enable everything I flashed it, then rebooted.


Just BenQ DVP 1650S to burn a DVD and got the invalid write error. The first one was really odd. So not sure about that one. The next one seemed like it would write perfectly, but it failed. Here is the log.

Well, I think this drive died or has gone offline. Then the name of it was all wacked. So I rebooted.

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On reboot it doesn't recognize it. So, now it BenQ DVP 1650S show up at all. It gave me a SATA error on boot saying it couldn't find the device at 0. Ok, running diagnostics on BenQ DVP 1650S other system. But I did verify that it should work with this media. I'm looking all over the cdfreaks forum for a flasher to do that, but I can't find anything. Thats expecting that I get this sucker back online, which I'm doubting.

Honestly, I dont care. It didn't work well anyways.

I reflashed it because I had applied some patches to it through that utility.

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