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Canon PowerShot A550 Driver

Canon PowerShot A MP 4x Optical Zoom Digital Camera Kit B has been discontinued by Canon and is no longer available. Our product experts. As an inexpensive point-and-shoot, the Canon PowerShot A isn't perfect, but it delivers quality shots and good performance. Canon Powershot A - S$32 Canon Powershot A Uses AA Batteries and 1xCR for timekeeping Megapixels With data transfer cable Type: Point.


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Canon PowerShot A550 Driver

There's never been an easier way to create stunning pictures. Because the Canon PowerShot A 7.

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The Optical Zoom Lens from Canon gets you in close to capture precious moments like a Canon PowerShot A550 smile with the clarity and brilliance that make every shot a keeper. Even when the lighting isn't perfect, you can still get perfect shots thanks to the ISO setting that keeps everything steady and bright in dim light.

And for easy high-quality prints you'll be proud to share, there's Direct Printing. Start capturing memories with Canon PowerShot cameras today. Specifications for Canon Canon PowerShot A550 A 7. Features of Canon PowerShot A 7. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued and we no longer have that information available.

Canon PowerShot A sample photos page 1

Page 29 Connecting the camera to a computer. Page 30 [OK] first time Canon PowerShot A550. Download the images. Page 31 The following window will appear when you establish a connection between the Canon PowerShot A550 and computer. If it fails to appear, click the [Canon CameraWindow] icon on the Dock the bar which appears at the bottom of the desktop.

Install the supplied software and adjust the computer settings before using this method for the first time p. Select images to download and press the or the FUNC.

Canon PowerShot A550

Canon PowerShot A550 The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress. Page 34 MEMO Safety Precautions Safety Precautions Be sure to read, understand and follow the safety precautions below when using the camera, in order to prevent injury, burns or electrical shock to yourself and others.

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Be sure to also read the safety precautions listed in the Advanced Camera User Guide. Comments to Canon PowerShot A550 Manuals Your Name: Enter text from picture: Latest comments: Print page 1 Print document 36 pages. Cancel Delete. The Canon PowerShot A550 here is for the camera's flash to blend naturally with the room lighting, and produce good, neutral color overall.

Another common failing is for the highlights from the flash to take on an unnatural bluish cast.


Finally, exposure is important here, and frequently a tough challenge for the cameras. Marti's white shirt is central in the scene, reflecting a lot of the light from the flash right back at the camera. As Canon PowerShot A550 result, most cameras underexpose this shot, and require some positive exposure compensation to produce a good result.

Canon PowerShot A550 Does the camera even permit adjustment of its flash exposures? Many do not. These photos are a tough exposure challenge, if they come out OK, the camera in question can probably be coaxed into delivering a good flash exposure of any subject within its range.

Canon PowerShot A550 User Guide Basic User Manual

Note too, that the normal flash shot as opposed to the slow sync one, if the camera offers that feature will be sharply rendered, any subject or camera movement frozen by the quick Canon PowerShot A550 of the flash. That makes this shot a good one Canon PowerShot A550 look for the effect of over-aggressive noise suppression in Marti's hair. Canon PowerShot A550 incandescent lighting used in most US homes actually has a very strong yellow color to it.

Our eyes have an amazing ability to ignore color casts like this, something digital cameras struggle to emulate. The incandescent lighting used for this shot is thus not only very common here in the US, but also very difficult for most digital cameras to deal with.

Canon PowerShot A Specs - CNET

While we probably want a little yellow color to remain in the image to convey some of the mood of the original scenetoo much will look unnatural and distort colors. Most cameras' auto white balance systems have a great deal of difficulty with this shot, but many incandescent Canon PowerShot A550 balance settings struggle as well. It seems that many cameras' incandescent settings are actually calibrated to the tungsten lighting used in professional studio systems, which Canon PowerShot A550 nearly as warm-toned as typical household lighting.


If you intend to do Canon PowerShot A550 shooting indoors after dark, pay careful attention to this test, as cameras vary widely in this regard. ISO Series: ISO represents twice the sensitivity of ISOmeaning that you can use a shutter speed that's twice as fast.

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