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ARGUMENT 8200320 Driver

The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on February 8, · Get access to this page with a Free Trial. February 8, Fuq din il-paġna tista'tniżżel-sewwieq għat NT Computer ARGUMENT / based on MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD MS Biex tniżżel. US 8,, B2; Filed: 03/03/; Issued: 06/12/; Est. Priority Date: 03/03/ Alert. Save. 0Associated Cases; 0Associated Defendants; 0Accused.


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ARGUMENT 8200320 Driver

Viewing angles equal to degrees vertical and horizontal measurements. This mid-tower model features xx mm dimensions, sitting is a SGCC steel case.

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It has got a black-and-white exterior coating, a totally black ARGUMENT 8200320, a metallic grid on the frontal facet, as well as an acrylic window of the side facet. ARGUMENT 8200320 those peculiarities add to the sleek style of the chassis. In some embodiments, initialization logic renders physiologic monitor 24 operable to record physiologic data only if a predetermined, physiologic-monitor-specific authorization code is received.

In particular, in some embodiments, a part of a programmable logic array forming part of initialization logic is programmed at manufacture to include authorization code detection logic which responds only to a device-specific authorization code, and permits activation of physiologic monitor 24 if the correct authorization code is received. In some embodiments, the authorization data may include or otherwise identify an encryption key to be used by packet assembly logic to encrypt physiologic data before storage in digital memory In some embodiments, the authorization data identifies a decryption key suitable for decrypting the physiologic data stored in digital memory Such a decryption key identification may be provided to physiologic data analysis software, together with physiologic data stored in digital memory 32, for analysis after a recording session has ended.

ARGUMENT 8200320 some embodiments, if a user has been ARGUMENT 8200320 to be authorized, initialization logic ARGUMENT 8200320 from digital memory 32 or initialization console In particular, microcontroller 80, digital control logic 60 and filtering circuit may be operational only in a test mode or non-operational upon manufacture, and are ARGUMENT 8200320 enabled to perform physiologic monitoring operations upon initialization. Digital control logic 60 may include a blank re programmable logic array that is only programmed during system initialization.

The firmware download and digital control logic and filtering circuitry programming provide additional piracy protection, since microcontroller 80 and integrated circuit 30 become capable of acquiring physiologic data only upon authorization by the initialization console. Allowing programming of parts of digital control logic 60 also facilitates future design changes. Setting configuration parameters for signal processing circuit 52 and digital control logic 60 may include setting sampling rates and enabling operating features.

An enabled sensor set may specify which sensor types or subsets e. If filtering circuit FIG. In some embodiments, initial configuration data written to digital memory ARGUMENT 8200320 includes configuration parameters e.

In some embodiments, audio prompts are recorded using a voice such as the voice of the subject, a family member, ARGUMENT 8200320 medical professional e. In some embodiments, programmed speech data includes data personalized with both ARGUMENT 8200320 user's identity, and with a number of speech messages tailored to a sensor subset or application.


In some embodiments, a sample is considered ready following a predetermined number of synchronization clock cycles after its digitization start. In embodiments in which signal processing circuit 52 uses switched capacitor signal processing, acquisition control logic may additionally provide a clock signal or signals to filter elements of signal processing circuit Hardwired logic within signal processing circuit 52 of acquisition control logic may be used to provide desired switching frequencies to the filtering elements of signal processing circuit Condition detection logic may also be used to control electrode drive circuit FIG.

ECG lead fault ARGUMENT 8200320 steps may be performed after an initial ARGUMENT 8200320 of the ECG electrodes on the subject, and ARGUMENT 8200320 periodic intervals thereafter.

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In some embodiments, condition detection ARGUMENT 8200320 determines whether a measured impedance between a selected ECG ARGUMENT 8200320 and a reference e. In some embodiments, condition detection logic determines whether a current real time and a measured ambient light level meet predetermined conditions e. For example, when an estimated calorie expenditure during an exercise period has exceeded calories, condition detection logic may send a corresponding condition indicator to output control logic in order to provide encouragement to the subject.

For ECG data, a sensor fault may include an indicator that one or more ECG leads have fallen off or are not connected properly.


The condition indicators may be used by packet assembly logic to include condition-detection flags in corresponding data ARGUMENT 8200320, as described below. The data streams are received at different rates.

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Packet-assembly logic assembles the received data into formatted packets for transmission to memory interfaceto be stored into digital memory 32 FIG. Packet-assembly logic includes one or more buffers for storing assembled data before transmission to memory interface Each packet sent ARGUMENT 8200320 memory interface includes a ARGUMENT 8200320 of ARGUMENT 8200320 data of interest, a set of data types, associated time stamps, and a fault detection flag.

In some embodiments, packets are stored in digital memory 32 at regular intervals, for example one packet every second. A packet may include physiologic data of different types, sampled at different rates. For example, an exemplary packet stored every second may include ECG samples samples per second for 2 leads64 respiratory impedance samples, 48 acceleration samples 16 each of 3 axesand other samples such as one or ARGUMENT 8200320 SpO2 samples, an event marker, and light, acoustic, ionizing radiation, and joint-angle goniometer samples.

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