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AGFEO KG AS 2x Driver

In the late 's AGFEO develops an analogue telephone system including system phones. This system is Weight: 2,9 kg. Temperature Range: 10 to +55° C. Frequency: ,3 MHz. Battery operated: .. AS 1x, AS 2x. AS 3x. AS 35 All-In-. AGFEO ISDN AS 2x - there are 1 drivers found for the selected device, which you can download from our website for free. Select the driver needed and press. AGFEO ES elements Telefonanlage weiß. by AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG AGFEO ES / fuer ISDN und ALL-IP Anschlüsse geeignet / 2x digitale Ports.


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AGFEO KG AS 2x Driver

Avoid sites near Air Conditioners, Radiators, Equipment with excessive high radiation, direct sunlight, excessive dust and the danger of liquid spillages such as Water or Chemicals.


Ambient Temperature 5C to 30 C. The distance of the equipment to other objects such be considered to guarantee an air circulation. The minimum clearance distance of 50 cm should be adhered to.

The distance of the system to the mains socket and the telephone network socket should not be more than 1 meter. Length of mains cable 1. Mains Socket A separate mains socket for the telephone system AGFEO KG AS 2x be installed. This will assist to give uninterrupted service in case that a mains fuse is tripped.

Ubiquiti airFiber X 2 GHz, AF-2X

The power consumption of the telephone system is approx 50 VA. Please ensure that the system cover is replaced before connecting the equipment to the mains.


Warning The telephone system must be electrically earthed. Please ensure that the mains socket is properly earthed before connecting the equipment to it.


I - 3 14 Installation Wall Mounting The system must be mounted so that the connection panel is on the right hand side. Use the mounting 1, 2, and 3 to fix the equipment to the wall. Before opening AGFEO KG AS 2x that the system is disconnected from mains supply Safety Notes Please note the following: Disconnect the System from the Mains Supply. With your finger touch the RS connection at the underside of the AGFEO KG AS 2x to discharge any static electricity and to protect static sensitive components in the telephone system.

Handleiding AGFEO ST31 (pagina 18 van 20) (English)

S Int. S Ext. Termination R off on externer S0 b2: Ground Bell Push 1: S S S extern Int: Other ISDN devices cannot be connected. You can also connect to a socket which is then connected to the NTTP.

ISDN Apparatus: For example: Connections of further ISDN devices will need their own power source. You will need the following material to install an internal SO Bus. The system will support one bell push per connection. Should AGFEO KG AS 2x connect a doorphone to the AS 1x and AS 2x, then the speech path of the extension port 7 is used and you are unable to connect a telephone to this port.


The AS 3x has a separate speech path for the doorphone installation. Further information regarding doorphone connections are available by AGFEO KG AS 2x our website on AS 3x Connections Connections: You will need a bell transformer to activate the lock release - Doorphone control via the relay contacts TS. You will need a bell transformer to activate the lock release Doorphone control via the relay contacts TS.

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You can AGFEO KG AS 2x via the configuration tool the inputs 1 and 2 should you require additional bell push buttons Sensor Inputs AS 1x, 2x Via programming you can use the bell push button 2 and 3 as sensor inputs. Also, the bell push are no differential input contacts. I - AGFEO KG AS 2x 24 Installation Doorphone-Relays The doorphone relays of the AS 1x, 2x and 3x can be used to operate connected doorphones or use the relays to switch other applications such as an additional bell or lighting.

The relays AGFEO KG AS 2x be switched from every extension phone or any external phone. In addition an extension number can be allocated to a relay which is then entered in the call distribution table to activate additional equipment if so required. The relay contacts have a spark absorbing circuit of 1 kohm, and a bridged nF Capacitor. Power for sensors can also be supplied via the telephone system.

Max 12 V and ma. Due to differential inputs you may connect a mixture of contacts. Connection see illustration The last contact must be terminated with a 12,1 k Ohm Resistor.

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