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AITech ProColor Plus Driver

Aspire AVP AIO Review – The Real AVP · PCKT One Plus Review – Bringing a Plus One. All opinions are that of the writer and in no shape  Missing: AITech. See past project info for Pro Color including photos, cost and more. Nashville, TN - Painter. Painters Plus. Painter Spartanburg, South Carolina. Carrossier ProColor: Chef de file dans le domaine de la réparation Obtenez plus de détails sur la garantie à vie nationale de Carrossier ProColor ou accédez  Missing: AITech.


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AITech ProColor Plus Driver

The unit can be set anywhere between F to F.

For best results, we recommend vaporizing between F to F. AITech ProColor Plus Quality Vapor quality on the Vicod 5G is decent at lower temperatures but quickly diminishes when pushing the unit over F.

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With the shorter stainless steel mouthpiece, vapor can quickly become irritating on the throat due to the rather short vapor path. Atmos tries to combat this by also providing a longer glass stem mouthpiece, which does an okay job at elongating the vapor path to AITech ProColor Plus more cooling time. However, when pushing the Vicod over F, the vapor is still rather harsh on your throat.

We found pairing the Vicod 5G with the glass stem to the Zeus Iceborn was the best way to diminish the irritating vapor produced at high temperatures. When AITech ProColor Plus to the Iceborn we were able to use the Vicod 5G at the highest temperature AITech ProColor Plus produce some serious vapor without any irritation.

The body is almost entirely enclosed in plastic and feels quite cheap when holding it in your hands. The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet so we would advise going with the carbon fiber weave if anything.


With a plastic shell, we fear how well this device will hold up during daily use, especially when the device, in general, tends to heat up when the unit is in use. Another thing AITech ProColor Plus noticed was that the mouthpieces have a tendency to stick in the device after a few uses.


Oils seem to get trapped in the seams of the mouthpiece and overtime will cause quite the sticky mess. AITech ProColor Plus ultimately means you have to be on top of keeping your Vicod 5G clean to try and avoid this issue.

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Battery Life The Vicod 5G features an internal mah battery, which is actually quite impressive for a unit this small. From our tests, you can get about an hour and AITech ProColor Plus half of vaping without the need for a charge.

The Vicod 5G also features a micro USB charging slot, making it easy to find a power source if you ever need to top up a charge on your device. Portability The Vicod AITech ProColor Plus is a fairly portable unit, especially when paired with the shorter stainless steel mouthpiece.

It can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag for easy transportation. For the AITech ProColor Plus tank, simply apply your extracts to the coil with the provided tool then put the mouth piece on and use the button to engage the coil and enjoy your extracts. For the botanical tank, simply fill the tank with your AITech ProColor Plus botanical, then screw the top back on, put on the mouth piece then press the button to engage the coil and enjoy!


Temperature Flexibility This is a pen style AITech ProColor Plus, which unfortunately means that there is no temperature flexibility at all to speak of. Vapor Quality This unit claims to be able to hand 3 different types of material, so there are 3 categories to evaluate when it comes to vapor quality.

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The first is the oil tank, which does the job at a very basic level. It vaporizes the oil you put in, but the vapor it produces is thin, AITech ProColor Plus, and far from satisfying.

Carrossier ProColor

It really just barely gets the job done. When it comes to the wax tank, it actually does a decent job. Other than AITech ProColor Plus, it does a good job of vaporizing waxes and the flavor was pure and true to the wax. The last tank to evaluate is the dry botanical tank. This tank was a disaster if only because they claimed AITech ProColor Plus could vaporize dry botanical, a fact that just about anybody knows is impossible, especially with this type of tank.

What you do end up with is combustion which makes for a harsh and irritating experience.

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AITech ProColor Plus Quality The unit itself is made half of decent metal materials and the other half is plastic. The plastic parts end up dragging down the feel of the unit by making it feel cheaper. Battery Life One thing all pen units have in common is amazing battery life. The little coils in the tanks of these units can be easily powered by the batteries and a full charge can last you weeks depending on how often you use it.

This makes it ideal for long trips away from the house or to where you might not have access to AITech ProColor Plus power source for a while.

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