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AIMS Lab tr200 Driver

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AIMS Lab tr200 Driver

Results and Discussion 3. Mechanical Properties Table 4 shows the average surface roughness and microhardness results for the obtained coatings.

From the Figure 1. Schematic representation of the erosive wear test.


Table 4. Surface roughness and microhardness results for thermal sprayed and welded coatings.

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WC17Co has essentially tungsten in its composition with a high content of WC, which also contributes to that high hardness. It should be observed that the roughness of HVOF coatings was measured in the as sprayed condition while GMAW welded coating was machined and abraded before measurement. Cr3CNiCr coatings have presented the highest surface roughness in comparison with the other coatings. The typical microstructure of the obtained coatings can be seen in AIMS Lab tr200 2 for welded and HVOF sprayed samples.

AIMS Lab tr200


AIMS Lab tr200 3 shows the cross sectional images of the welded typical and thermally sprayed coatings. It can be observed that, as expected, a typical casting structure results for welded coatings. Since the tested samples were obtained from the center of the welded beads, that includes the fusion zone and the heat affected zone, as showed in Figure 3 a and Figure 3 da very homogeneous microstructure is exposed to the erosion and corrosion tests. Tungsten carbide coatings Figure 3 e present a smaller carbide size than Chromium carbide Figure 3 f and then a higher amount of AIMS Lab tr200 in the microstructure.

Figure 2.

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Corrosion Results The results of the polarization tests can be seen in Figure 4. The result for the substrate alone is also AIMS Lab tr200 for comparison. The Tafel slope analysis of each one of the coatings is detailed in Table 5. In a general way, all the coatings have presented a very low AIMS Lab tr200 rate that is probably related to the characteristic impedance of the coatings, as defined by Toma et al. Comparing the corrosion results for the three welded samples, it is possible to observe a variation of two orders of magnitude among the samples that could be credited to the differences in dilution and formation of carbides.

The worst result was for the Cr3CNiCr sample, with a corrosion rate much higher than the welded samples and about twice the WCCo sample.

It has to be stressed that the corrosion results of the thermally sprayed samples are even worse than the results for the carbon steel substrate. These AIMS Lab tr200 can be justified by the corrosion resistance and passivity of the respective binder in the carbide sprayed coatings. As stated by Souza and Neville [22]corrosion proceeds primarily by dissolution of the Co or NiCr binder phase. It has to be stressed that the original roughness of the Cr3CNiCr coating was kept in the as sprayed condition exactly to allow AIMS Lab tr200 comparison.

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Thermally sprayed samples were tested with initial surface roughness values corresponding to that of the as deposited AIMS Lab tr200, i. Detailed microstructures are observed in images de and f for the coatings on the left, respectively. AIMS Lab tr200 the microstructure of the coatings Figure 3it is possible to infer an analogy between the structure and behavior in erosive wear. A regular homogeneity in the distribution of the carbides in the matrix of cobalt can AIMS Lab tr200 seen in the WC17Co Figure 3 f as well as higher hardness may explain its high wear resistance.

Differences in carbide sizes could also explain the higher resistance, as evidenced by Yang et al.

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Figure 5. The analysis of the worn surface Figure 6 showed a high degree of detachment of particles with formation of craters and subsequent destruction of these craters and borders Figure 6 dthen justifying the low wear resistance. In all cases the stabilizing period is characterized by an intense wear of the AIMS Lab tr200, and this has been Table 5.

Corrosion test results of polarization curves from Tafel slope analysis. Figure 6. From the analysis of the eroded surfaces, it could be observed that the mechanism dominating the erosion process is brittle fracture type whose value is maximum for normal impact angle. The erosive wear of the welded coatings is preceded by fast surface hardening as evidenced by a AIMS Lab tr200 comparison of systematic microhardness measurements in the eroded coatings throughout the coating AIMS Lab tr200, from the substrate to the top surface, compared to the measurements of the as coated samples.

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