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The All-In-Wonder X was a graphics card by ATI, launched in July Built on the nm process, and based on the RV graphics processor, in its. Today, we are going to take a close look at the latest All-In-Wonder, and ATI's first PCI Express model in this space, the All-In-Wonder X Pro. I've got an ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder X JMR-XPROCO X Pro MB DDR PCI Express (PCIe) DVI/VGA. I'm not interested in  ATI All In Wonder PCI-E breakout box pinout?


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all-in-wonder x600 Driver

By all-in-wonder x600 gaming and multimedia benefits into a single card, owners of PCI-Express based systems can have the best of both worlds for an affordable price.

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There are also plenty of audio and all-in-wonder x600 connections to make all-in-wonder x600 casual user very happy. Hardcore gamers or multimedia buffs will want to upgrade to the X XT All-In-Wonder card which includes support for component video output, a all-in-wonder x600 processor and their Remote Wonder remote control.

We loved the new interface that ATI is using with their TV Wonder Elite and would love to have seen the same interface used in their All-In-Wonder line, especially since they are a more expensive product.

It comes with a solid software package, including built-in PVR all-in-wonder x600 and the ability to create and edit your own movies. Combining enough features to appeal to both gamers and multimedia all-in-wonder x600, the All-In-Wonder X Pro is the Swiss army knife of video cards.

ATI All-In-Wonder X600 PRO (256 MB) Specs

Sure, several companies have announced products based on the new bus interconnect, but manufacturing has been slow and stock is hard to find. When it comes to multimedia all-in-wonder x600 graphics cards using the PCI-Express bus, they are even far and fewer.

This chop comes with a 2D 3-line comb filter and a 12 bit analog-to-digital converter. These all-in-wonder x600 blocks plug into the dongle.

ATI does not provide any cables with this package so you will have to purchase them separately. ATI includes their own Multimedia Center software which includes their media player and all-in-wonder x600 technologies designed to help improve the image coming from the analog cable broadcast. And, because their media player supports RealMedia, DivX and Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 codecs, there is little reason to switch to other media players unless of course you are not happy with all-in-wonder x600 ATI software.

You can also choose to record shows using the ATI scheduler program. When you select a show to record you have the option to record it at various levels of quality. When video is being played you can also Zoom-in, Pan or freeze a live broadcasting. Other software which ATI includes with their X Pro All-in-wonder x600 includes Pinnacle Studio 9 which allows you to create your own movies, Matchware Mediator 7 which is used to create HTML and Flash presentations, Muvee Autoproduce which is used to create music videos from audio and video content, and Visual Communicator Web which is supposed to emulate TV studio software allowing you to create TV broadcasts including effects and teleprompter screens.

Installing the All-in-wonder x600 X Pro can take all-in-wonder x600 a bit of time depending on your computer and home theater setup.


Please sit down and read the instructions thoroughly. The actual recording and playback software is fairly straightforward, though there are a couple minor menu items that you'll have to search for to find; for example, you can right-click anywhere on the application to set up a timed recording, but all-in-wonder x600 have to right-click on the actual record button to see all-in-wonder x600 list of what you've already scheduled to record.

ATI All-In-Wonder X Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database

It's not a huge deal, but the first use or two may take a bit of searching through menus to find all all-in-wonder x600 options. Setting up a recording is as easy as designating how often you want it to record once, daily, weekly, etc. Of course, you can manually hit the record button to capture video on the fly. Right-clicking on a program will let you flag it to record, set it as a favorite and search for more showings. You can also search and get all-in-wonder x600 for things like movies, sports, actors and more.

So for example, if you're a big fan of Edward James Olmos, you can see a listing of every show he'll be all-in-wonder x600 for the next couple weeks or so.

Radio works in pretty much the same fashion as TV does. All-in-wonder x600 can even schedule recordings so if you're a fan of a certain talk show or some such, you can program that to record daily. The PVR functionality is rather straight-forward as well. You can record, pause and all-in-wonder x600 TV, though only on one channel at a time.


If you pick up an additional TV Wonder card you can watch two channels at once, but out of the box you're only getting a all-in-wonder x600 tuner. The interface for the PVR controls also leaves a bit to be desired; it's functional, but not as nice as something like TiVo. Rewinding is all-in-wonder x600 very slow. You'll get a frame update every few seconds, so if you're trying to go back right to a certain play or a certain line, you'll likely have to go back a bit and then watch up to it again.

Changing all-in-wonder x600 takes a couple seconds to do both TV and radio so it's a bit slow going.

All-in-wonder x600 than that things work well, but the impatient need not apply. There's a slight delay as the video is converted, about a second, maybe less, so gaming through this device certainly isn't ideal.

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