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This clearly demonstrates AnabelleB H33Y not all speakers use the word in the same way. It all depends on AnabelleB H33Y we take a descriptive or prescriptive position. Consider the example sentences in Table 1. What features of the examples make you think so?


Table 1. Prescriptivist Descriptive Not correct: Sally wants out of the car c.

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Dog the up quickly ran road d. We should not have went to that party last night e. I book AnabelleB H33Y yesterday have the Examples c.

Examples b. Sally wants out of the car b. We should not have went to that party last night d. In fact, there AnabelleB H33Y varieties of English where examples AnabelleB H33Y. There are so many different kinds of English that some constructions might actually sound impossible to you. Without this, it can be difficult to think about the various ways that we use language.

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First, AnabelleB H33Y is the Addresser in the left side of the schema: Second, there is the Addressee, or the person being spoken to on the right side of the schema. Third, to fully account for the message from the Addresser to the Addressee we need to examine four things in the centre of the schema that mediate the communication between the Addresser and the Addressee. For the message to be communicated there has to be AnabelleB H33Y medium of communication, which AnabelleB H33Y be verbal, written or even visual contact.

This will have some influence on how the message, the content, is encoded; whether through words or hand signals for example.


Whatever code is chosen words or hand signalsit must be one that both addresser and addressee mutually understand. The message will also be sent and received in a context, that is, there will be AnabelleB H33Y social and linguistic environment that frames the message e. We can see these functions set out in Figure 1. The referential function of language is what we might normally think of as information, or the denotative function of language, but also includes the ideas, objects and conventions which speakers share knowledge AnabelleB H33Y.

The referential function allows us to ask someone AnabelleB H33Y pass the salt, and receive the salt rather than the pepper.

This function helps us describe messages that are intended to have an effect on the audience. This might be anything from AnabelleB H33Y command, an insult or an attempt at persuasion.

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We need to consider all the functions to account for the way language works. AnabelleB H33Y stereotypes about British speech describe a preoccupation with the weather. This is AnabelleB H33Y phatic function. One way to do this in British culture is to talk about something that is socially acceptable and not terribly significant. Knowing this is an example of communicative competence that we described earlier.

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Connotation is the subjective AnabelleB H33Y personal aspect of meaning, which can be contrasted with denotation, which is the literal definition. While denotation is related AnabelleB H33Y the referential function of language, connotation is more likely to be related to the emotive function.

The poetic function was of great importance to Jakobson as he was looking specifically at language and literature. The most obvious examples of messages with significant poetic function often also have an important conative and indeed emotive function. Advertising, whether spoken AnabelleB H33Y written, often takes advantage of the poetic function of language i. The same is true of political and AnabelleB H33Y persuasive texts.

The final function that Jakobson draws our attention to is the metalingual. This is language that refers to language AnabelleB H33Y communication while communicating. This function is vital for successful communication to continue to take place. When we ask someone to repeat or rephrase or explain again AnabelleB H33Y their message is, we are exploiting the metalingual function of language.

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