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Atto FibreBridge 1290E Driver

C h a n n e l ATTO FibreBridge E 2Gigabit Fibre ChanneltoSCSI Bridge for easy integration in PCI card form factor F i b r e The ATTO FibreBridge E is. express written permission of ATTO Technology, Inc. 8/ ii. Fibre Bridge products. Product features. E/D. E. E/R/D. C. R. Network Cable. ATTO Celerity FCEN · ATTO Celerity FCEN C · iPBridge E · · · ATTO FibreBridge R/D · iPBridge E.


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Atto FibreBridge 1290E Driver

A menu also provides access to various pages for information and configuration operations. Refer to CLI summary reference on page 41 for a summary of commands for each FibreBridge model Atto FibreBridge 1290E their defaults. Explanations of the commands are in the chapters following Command Line Interface Atto FibreBridge 1290E and guidance on page A tabbed panel interface presents configuration parameters in a one-window display.

Message boxes, icons, drop-down boxes, menu bars and other common graphical constructs lead you through the configuration process.

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It is reached through the serial port or the Fibre Channel link or through the Advanced page of the The initial display, after powering up the unit or restarting Atto FibreBridge 1290E firmware, will contain the information in Exhibit on page 8. Once the initial display is complete, with the word Ready, you Atto FibreBridge 1290E in the Command Line Interface mode.

The menu mode is not available for the FibreBridge The Atto FibreBridge 1290E display, after powering up the unit or restarting the firmware, will show start up messages. Type Menu and you will enter the menu system.

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To take full advantage of the ExpressNAV interface you should have Java script enabled through your browser. To use the interface you must first have an IP address Atto FibreBridge 1290E the FibreBridge.

Refer to Using the Ethernet port on page 5. Minimum requirement is for Internet Explorer 5.

ATTO CBL-LCLC-R10 Fibre Channel Optical Cable - LC to LC - 10m

Click on Enter. The default username is root The default password is Password 5 The product faceplate display appears.


Click the component you want to manage Atto FibreBridge 1290E the lefthand side menu or go to the Advanced screen to use the CLI command line interface. Atto FibreBridge 1290E image on each page s header shows each port in the product faceplate. Each port is clickable and will take you to the appropriate page. All pages, whether connected to ports or not, are accessible by clicking on their titles on the left side of the page.

You may also go back one page or go to the Home Page via the titles on the left side of the page.

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Clicking on any of the red option names will bring up a help window. After making changes on Atto FibreBridge 1290E page, click the Atto FibreBridge 1290E button at the bottom. Clicking this button is equivalent to typing in all the CLI commands and then the command saveconfiguration norestart. Displays include a list of attached devices for each bus. The exact settings available depend on the model of FibreBridge you are using.


Some screens and parameters are not available for all FibreBridge models. Use the following as a guide only. Serial port configuration Configurable options are baud rate, echo and stop bits. See Serial port configuration Atto FibreBridge 1290E on page 58 for details.

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See SCSI configuration commands on page 53 for details. Click on the individual bus or port for detailed information on each device. Atto FibreBridge 1290E may also reset SCSI ports on this page. The following options are configurable. See Mapping on page 67 and Mapping commands on page 61 for details. A text field beneath the box will list the most recent commands issued to the FibreBridge through this page. If you enter an incorrect parameter, the Atto FibreBridge 1290E help text will be displayed, showing the parameters available.


Your changes will be implemented. Update firmware FB only Updates firmware. Follow the instructions on the page. Refer to Updating firmware on page 79 for details.

Restart firmware Implements a firmware restart of the bridge and makes permanent any changes you have made since the last firmware restart. Atto FibreBridge 1290E box will tell you to wait until the counter gets to 0 and then the browser will refresh.

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